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Joseph Powers 1916-1922

Joseph was born on November 30, 1916 with his twin sister Mary while his parents were living at 28 Charlestown St. in Somerville. Mary and Joseph were John and Bridget’s fifth and sixth children. Joseph and the family continued to live in this house, which is now gone, at least until 1920. His brother William and sister Johanna were born during these years.

Joseph passed away on January 13, 1922 at the age of 5. He died while hospitalized for Diphtheria at the Somerville Contagious Hospital in Somerville. The hospital was created to treat patients with Scarlet Fever and Diphtheria, both diseases that were epidemics at the time. Joseph was buried at the Holy Cross Cemetery in Malden. His parents and his aunt Margaret Butler were buried with him at later dates.

Of note, Joseph's birth year on his headstone states 1917, while all birth paperwork states his birth year is 1916, as well as his twin sister Mary's paperwork.

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